1996: Keeping Abortion Safe and Accessible

FPA holds its 19th Annual Legislative Conference. The conference debuts the Reverend Beatrice Blair Courageous Service Award, recognizing an individual’s faith and determination in ensuring access to reproductive health services.

A state proposal to ban intact dilation and extraction abortion procedures (so-called “partial birth abortion”) is defeated, despite Senate passage of the bill.

FPA monitors managed health care developments to ensure that confidentiality is protected and reproductive health services are not restricted. A lawsuit brought as a result of a hospital merger between St. Mary’s and Leonard Hospital is settled, requiring informational referrals for reproductive services.

FPA helps maintain the $1.2 million budget increase from the prior year, keeping the final family planning budget at $18.3 million. The State Legislature grants the State Health Department authorization to apply for an 1115 Partnership Plan waiver to expand family planning coverage for men and women of reproductive age up to 200% of the federal poverty level. This waiver authorizes the Family Planning Extension Program (FPEP) which will provide services to hundreds of thousands of women at a time in their lives when reproductive health services are critical.

FPA redoubles its work on teen pregnancy prevention, and Governor George Pataki proposes $2 million in state funds for adolescent pregnancy prevention.