2010: FPA welcomes the passage of national health care reform

FPA representatives, members and activists traveled to Washington, DC on several occasions to urge protections for women in the new healthcare reform law.

FPA was named to the Governor’s Health Care Reform Advisory Committee.  As one of the 37 organizations at the table charged with representing the state’s health, insurance and consumer interests, FPA had important input on the implementation of reform measures in the state.

FPA celebrated the first funding stream for comprehensive sex education.  More than $11.8 million in grants was awarded to organizations statewide, including the New York State Department of Health.

The Education Fund’s immigrant project expands by changing identity and broadening scope.  The Immigrant Women’s Health Initiative changed its name to the Diverse Communities Health Initiative (DHCI) and broadened its constituency from immigrant women to all women of color and low-income women.  The work of this initiative expanded to further break down barriers to quality health care for these diverse communities.

Concerned Clergy for Choice (CCC) formed a new partnership with Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) to bolster clergy work in nearly a dozen states nationally.