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A Pro-Choice religious voice for New York State

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Concerned Clergy for Choice is a multi-faith network of clergy dedicated to ensuring access to reproductive health services and education. Concerned Clergy raises a positive and compelling pro-choice voice through community education, advocacy, and media initiatives in print and on air.

Today, as from the beginnings of the family planning movement in the US, religious leaders contribute their moral authority to the effort to secure access to reproductive health care and sex education. Clergy witness the wisdom in reproductive justice from their work as pastors to women facing challenging reproductive decisions and as teachers and counselors of teens and families. Clergy rely on these pastoral experiences, Scriptural interpretations, faith teachings and nationally endorsed religious statements to support women’s health, education and social justice. Learn more about how Concerned Clergy for Choice mentors and mobilizes religious leaders.

Will you lend us your name?
Join clergy across New York State and add your name to our important sign-on letter endorsing reproductive justice. Your voice will send a message to Congress, Albany and all New Yorkers about the importance of comprehensive reproductive health care and sex education. Click here to view the sign-on-letter.

Moral Agency: Faith and Choice

Moral agency is at the heart of many a faith. It’s also at the center of medical decision making. The value of personal conscience that informs interpretation of Scripture, deliberation over religious belief and practice, and consideration of contraception and abortion also occupies an important role in religion. Learn more about voices of faith affirming the moral agency of women.

Supporting the Woman in Her Decision: Pastoral Care Resource

Clergy, while well trained and skilled in one-to-one conversation about many difficult medical situations, often lack the background and experience to enter discussion about reproductive health. When a Woman Makes a Choice: Spiritual Dimensions of Reproductive Health Decisions, a site-tested workshop for clergy of all denominations, seeks to establish a more open dialogue with women and their families on this challenging topic. The session addresses legal, demographic, social and spiritual dimensions of reproductive health decisions, without trying to impose or refute any particular faith teaching. It covers chaplaincy codes of conduct, faith statements about abortion, adoption, minor’s rights and parental involvement, and emotional and spiritual reactions to abortion. To request a copy of this curriculum or to arrange for a presentation, please email Concerned Clergy for Choice.

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